Code of Conduct

Newbody’s Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is applicable to all suppliers and any subcontractors and business partners involved in the manufacture or supply of Newbody’s products. Newbodys requirements in this Code of Conduct are based on the ILO (International Labour
Organization) conventions and the UN conventions.

1 Legal Compliance

All suppliers shall operate in compliance with applicable national laws and regulations. Should any of the requirements in this Code of Conduct be in violation with national laws in the operating country, the law must be followed.

2 Child Labour

No supplier shall use child labour. A “child” is according to the ILO’s conventions a person younger than 15 years. If national laws are more stringent, this definition of a child shall be applied.

Documentation regarding age of all persons with any activity related to Newbody’s products shall be held by the supplier. All legal limitations regarding employment of persons below 18 year must be strictly followed. The rights of young workers must be protected.

Newbody supports the UN convention “Rights of the child” that acknowledge all workers rights under 18 years to be protected from economical exploitation, work that is hazardous or interferes with the young person’s education or that can be harmful for the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

3 Workers’ rights

Any workers connected with Newbody’s suppliers shall be covered by this Code of Conduct.

All forms of forced labour or illegal workers are not accepted by Newbody.

Employees must under all circumstances be treated with respect and dignity.

No employee shall be subject to physical, psychological, verbal or sexual harassment.

Workers shall have their rights to collective bargain and to join trade unions of their own choice.

Discrimination is under no circumstances tolerated on any grounds.

The supplier shall work towards providing all employees equal treatment and equal opportunities regardless gender, race, nationality, age, religion, political views, maternity,marital status, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristics.

All workers must be allowed sick leave, maternity leave and any holiday leave regulated by law or industry standards, without any form of repercussions.

4 Health and Safety

The supplier shall comply with all national laws regarding working conditions, health and safety issues such as building safety, fire safety, sanitation and accurate protection equipment for workers.

Standards and routines shall be documented and applied for waste management and handling of all types of chemicals and dangerous materials.

All personnel must be aware of safety arrangements in the factory.

All workers, including management personnel, must be regularly trained in how to act in case of fire or any other emergency.

First aid equipment must be available in each factory and workers must be informed where it is placed and how to use it.

All fire exits must be well marked, unlocked and kept free from any obstacles during all working hours.

Fire distinguishers shall be regularly maintained and functioning and kept visible for all workers.

Drinking water must be provided by the supplier to all workers during working hours.

5 Working hours and compensation

The supplier shall set working hours, wages and overtime compensation in compliance with all applicable national laws and industry standards.

Wages must reflect experience, qualifications and performance of the workers. The wages are to be paid regularly and together with a written specification of its content to each worker.

Weekly working time and overtime must not exceed legal limits.

The supplier shall provide all employees with legally binding written contracts signed both by the worker and the supplier. The contract shall include the worker’s responsibility, wage, working hours, vacation, sickness allowance and absence.

Workers shall have at least one day off every week.

Overtime must be voluntary for the workers and compensated in compliance with national laws.

6 Environment

Newbody acknowledge the seriousness in environmental impacts in a global and local perspective. We expect that all our suppliers and business partners act responsible and take environmental impacts in consideration when making corporate decisions.

The supplier must have all environmental licenses and permits available at any time relevant for its business.

Newbody expects the supplier to work continuously towards reducing amount of waste materials and enhance the use of recycled materials. All wastes, in particular hazardous waste materials, must be handled with responsibility in minimum according to national laws.

The supplier shall work continuously towards reducing any impacts on groundwater or freshwater by waste water from the factory.

Chemicals used for Newbody’s products and processes must be in compliance with Newbody’s NBQ-manual.

All chemicals must be well marked with a material data safety sheet (MDS) and stored in conditions appropriate for each chemical and away from areas with stationed personnel.

The supplier shall work towards using a minimum of water and energy resources and as far as possible using renewable sources.

7 Monitoring

All suppliers of Newbody’s products must comply with this Code of Conduct. Newbody and its representatives, including Quality Controllers (QC’s) and appointed third parties, have the right to visit all factories at any time, announced or unannounced, and request any documents to our Code of Conduct and NBQ manual.

If this Code of Conduct or any instructions in the NBQ manual is violated, Newbody has the right to cancel any business with concerned supplier.